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Pressure Washing

Pressure & Power Washing services often include 2 elements to remove soiling: Water Pressure & Chemicals. Most flatwork (Concrete, patios, etc.) can be cleaned simply by using pressure. However, depending on the stains and desired results, a chemical and surfactant is applied to loosen materials set in the concrete. Often the combination of soaps, degreasers, and chemicals combined to form a solution to kill all organic growth and aid in the appearance and effectiveness in properly cleaning the surface. It is important to note that cleaning surfaces only by pressure washing, whether with chemicals or not is not a restorative process. Results are typically highly impactful and desirable but, this process alone will not bring concrete back to a "just poured" like appearance or magically erase years of oil staining. Setting expectations up front is crucial to informing the customer and adding value to the customer experience.

In addition to ensuring that the correct combination of pressure and appropriate mixture of chemical solutions, care is taken to pre and post treat surrounding areas during the washing process as well as special precautions to protect light fixturing, outlets, and other housing attachments are protected.

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