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Soft Washing

Soft washing is the process of applying low pressure water and chemical solution to an exterior property or structure. Surfactants and chemicals are typically used while no high pressure is used during the application. The reason for this is to preserve the integrity of the building materials and to not risk damaging them due to high pressure. The goal is to remove only the soil from the surface without damaging it further. Applying high pressure can yield excellent results but, the risk of damaging the building materials is greater. From stripping paint, blowing window seals, removing oxidation, furring wood - a lot can go wrong with the improper technique. Also is the consideration that pressure alone will not neutralize the organic growth from the surface whereby a chemical application will keep the surface intact and remove the organic growth. Similarly, a roof wash is covered under this process of cleaning as roof washing should not endure high pressure washing regardless of roofing material but, especially not asphalt shingles.

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